An Interesting German Study about Carpets

German study declares carpet as a healthy option over hard flooring.

An independent study was undertaken by the Germany Asthma and Allergy Foundation (DAAB) and the German Society for Environment and Indoor Analysis was recently completed and the findings of the study proved conclusively that the indoor air in a carpeted room was of much better quality than that in rooms with smooth floors.

The study looked at the content of fine dust particles in the air over smooth floors in 186 rooms and over carpet in 104 rooms. The findings showed that the indoor air in a carpeted room contained less than half the amount of fine particulate dust than in rooms with smooth floors. Indeed, the dust level over a smooth floor at 62.9 micrograms per cubic metre was found to be higher than the recommended European Standard.

The findings come on the back of other recent independent research which has supported the carpet industry’s claims that carpet is the healthy flooring option. There are several studies in the open literature that would support that conclusion and many of them can be found on CRI’s website