Cleaning Myths Dispelled

Have you ever heard the myths surrounding having your carpets or upholstery cleaned?

The one about carpets and upholstery staying wet for days? or even the one about the carpets and upholstery rapidly re-soiling?

Let me address both concerns for you.

Wet for days

This depends on the carpet cleaner themselves or the equipment they use, untrained carpet cleaners can often use by far to much water when cleaning and this eventually soaks through to the underlay and floor boards below and as moisture wicks up to evaporate it will take a lot longer to dry. The other reason this can happen is equipment that isn’t professional grade meaning it basically hasn’t got the power to suck up the cleaning solution sprayed down and again this can soak through to the underlay.

A professional will be able to keep moisture to a minimum by using the correct amount of pre-spray and rinse to a minimise drying times.


Many years ago this was true due to the chemistry of the cleaning solution used, these old hat technologies have long been replaced.

A professional cleaner will also rinse any solution out of your soft furnishings with powerful equipment so carpets and upholstery really do stay cleaner for longer.

If you are unsure about who to hire to clean your valuable soft furnishings take a look at any trade associations they belong to the main trade body for soft furnishing cleaning is National Carpet Cleaners association unlike some websites that make money listing businesses the national carpet cleaners association only allows trained, insured and experienced technicians to join