Cleaning FAQs

How often should I clean my carpets?

Like us, the worlds largest carpet manufacturer Shaw Industries recommends carpets are cleaned every 12 months, as this will help your carpets stay cleaner for longer, improve I.A.Q (indoor air quality) and also slow down the rate of wear.

After cleaning do carpets get quickly dirty?

This was the case with the old fashion ways of cleaning carpets. Detergents were sprayed onto the carpet from the hot water extraction machine and then sucked immediately up, but detergents would cling to the carpets fibres and become sticky, attracting dust and dirt.
We use detergent free cleaning solutions which give a better clean, are ‘eco friendly’ and will stay cleaner for longer.

Will all stains be removed from my carpet?

It is impossible to guarantee all stains will be removed from your carpet. However, we have a very good success rate and usually remove 90 – 95% of stains.
Sometimes people have used supermarket brought stain removers on their carpets and these can set a stain in to your carpet meaning it will never come out.

How long will my cleaned carpet take to dry?

This all depends on the method of cleaning.
With H.W.E (hot water extraction), your carpets will be dry between 2 – 4 hours.
With low moisture carpet cleaning, the drying time can be as little as 30 minutes.

What about moving my furniture?

We’ll help!
All we ask is that you move small items from the top of cupboards and display cabinets and anything priceless. We will move the major/heavy items.

Will hiring a rug doctor be cheaper?

Not necessarily.
By the time you have used your fuel to go and hire the machine, paid for hire and then brought the detergent, traffic lane cleaner and stain remover the price you would have paid would not be far away from what it would have cost to hire us.
We’d also make sure you have dryer carpets, a lot better clean, more chance of removing stains and no sticky detergent residue to soil your carpets again quickly.

Do you use cleaning acids?

No. We only use ‘eco friendly’ products. So it is safer for you and me.